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SIDRA Intersection Design

At AROM Associates, we utilize SIDRA Intersection Design for advanced modeling and optimization of traffic flow at intersections. This software excels in simulating and analyzing traffic performance, determining the best signal timings, and optimizing roundabouts and other junction types. It provides detailed insights into traffic delays, queue lengths, and overall intersection efficiency. Our expertise in SIDRA enables us to deliver precise intersection designs that enhance traffic flow and safety, catering to the specific needs of urban and suburban traffic networks.

PTV Vissim

AROM Associates offers specialized services in traffic simulation using PTV Vissim. This powerful tool allows us to model and analyze the intricate behaviors of individual vehicles and pedestrians in diverse traffic conditions. We leverage its capabilities to study traffic impacts, evaluate public transportation systems, and develop strategies for traffic management and road safety. Our proficiency in PTV Vissim aids clients in visualizing and understanding traffic flows, thereby facilitating informed decision-making for transportation projects.

PTV Vissum

With PTV Vissum, AROM Associates provides comprehensive solutions for large-scale transport planning and traffic analysis. This software is instrumental in our approach to strategic planning, offering macroscopic traffic modeling that encompasses traffic volumes, network capacities, and public transport operations. Our expertise in PTV Vissum enables us to deliver detailed traffic forecasts and evaluations, assisting in the development and assessment of long-term infrastructure and policy impacts.

HCM for Highway and Intersection

At AROM Associates, we use the principles and methodologies of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) for analyzing and designing highways and intersections. This approach allows us to assess road capacity, determine levels of service, and perform operational analyses effectively. Our services include detailed evaluations of various road segments and intersections, providing clients with crucial insights for traffic engineering and transportation planning.

Highway Capacity Software (HCS)

AROM Associates specializes in utilizing the Highway Capacity Software (HCS) for analyzing traffic flow and road capacity. This software is integral to our approach in evaluating road and intersection performance, including the determination of levels of service and operational analysis. Our expertise with HCS enables us to offer precise solutions in highway design and traffic study, ensuring efficient and effective transportation systems.


At AROM Associates, we employ Synchro for traffic analysis, modeling, and simulation, focusing on signal timing optimization and traffic flow analysis. This software is pivotal in enhancing urban traffic network efficiency, reducing congestion, and improving traffic management. Our proficiency with Synchro allows us to deliver optimized traffic solutions that are both innovative and practical.


Specializing in project management, AROM Associates utilizes Primavera for handling largescale, complex projects. Our expertise with this software aids in project scheduling, resource allocation, and cost management. We provide comprehensive solutions in managing project complexities, ensuring streamlined project delivery and effective management of construction and engineering projects.

Civil Civil 3D

Our team at AROM Associates leverages Autodesk's Civil 3D for a wide range of civil engineering projects, including road design, land development, and water projects. Civil 3D helps us in creating comprehensive civil infrastructure designs and dynamic 3D models. Our expertise in Civil 3D ensures streamlined workflows and high precision in project delivery, catering to the specific needs of our clients.

AutoCAD 2D

AROM Associates provides expert services in using AutoCAD 2D for creating detailed 2D drawings and documentation across various fields. Our proficiency in this foundational CAD software enables us to deliver precise architectural, engineering, and construction designs. We ensure high-quality drafting and designing, facilitating the development of accurate plans, elevations, and sections.


At AROM Associates, we use Kenlayer for the analysis and design of pavement structures. This software is instrumental in our approach to pavement engineering, helping us in predicting pavement performance under various loads and environmental conditions. Our services include pavement design and evaluation, assisting in the decision-making process for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.


AROM Associates utilizes Kenslab, a specialized software tool, likely for simulation and analysis in fields like civil engineering or materials science. Our use of Kenslab aids in analyzing material properties, structural behavior, or for educational demonstrations, offering valuable insights in lab settings or practical applications.


Our team at AROM Associates employs Bluebeam Revu for efficient PDF creation, editing, and collaboration in the AEC industries. We leverage its capabilities for document management, realtime collaboration, and workflow streamlining, enhancing our efficiency in managing project documentation and communication


At AROM Associates, we provide expert services in modeling, design, and utilization of ArcGIS, a comprehensive geographic information system (GIS) software. ArcGIS is used for creating, managing, sharing, and analyzing spatial data. Our team leverages its capabilities for mapping, spatial analysis, and data visualization to support decision-making and problem-solving across various industries, ensuring clients benefit from the robust geographical insights and spatial analytics offered by ArcGIS.


At AROM Associates, we provide comprehensive services utilizing SPSS, a powerful statistical analysis software. SPSS is renowned for its ability to handle large data sets and perform complex statistical analyses with ease. We leverage its capabilities to conduct in-depth research, data mining, and predictive analytics. Our expertise in SPSS allows us to deliver insights and solutions based on robust statistical data, aiding our clients in making informed decisions across various sectors. Whether it's market research, operational analysis, or trend forecasting, AROM Associates ensures precision and accuracy in data interpretation through SPSS.


At AROM Associates, we offer specialized services in modeling, design, and application of RLanguage, a highly regarded software for statistical computing and graphics. Renowned for its versatility in data analysis, R-Language enables us to perform complex statistical operations, data visualization, and machine learning tasks. Our team skillfully utilizes R-Language to extract insights from vast datasets, providing tailored analytical solutions to our clients. With AROM Associates, you can expect data-driven, precise outcomes leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of R-Language in various research and analytical applications.

Plan Swift

AROM Associates offers expertise in digital estimating and takeoff using Plan Swift. This software is integral to our construction services, allowing for quick and accurate import

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