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Traffic Engineering & Studies Services

Traffic Engineering and Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Studies Services

AROM Associates’ Traffic Engineering Services are based on a deep understanding of local specifics and global trends, ensuring we deliver effective and sustainable solutions. Our team of
experts utilizes a combination of innovative techniques and practical experience to address the dynamic challenges of modern traffic systems. We employ industry-standard software like PTV Vissim for detailed traffic simulation,

Synchro for traffic analysis and signal timing, and the Highway Capacity Software (HCS) for in-depth road capacity studies. This ensures precision and effectiveness in our approach. Our skilled team utilizes these tools, along with Civil 3D and AutoCAD 2D for intricate design work, to enhance urban mobility, safety, and efficiency.

Extensive Experience in Traffic Engineering and Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Studies

Our expertise in Traffic Engineering spans a wide range of infrastructure projects, including but
not limited to Traffic Impact Assessment Studies for diverse Landuse projects:

− Housing Areas and Facilities for Apartment Buildings
− Office Buildings, Mixed Land-use Buildings, and Commercial Buildings
− Hospitals, Medical Facilities
− Educational Facilities (Universities, Colleges, Training Institutes)
− Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Workshops, Industrial Buildings
− Showrooms, Warehouses, Fuel Pump Stations
− Marquees (Event Complexes), and Sports Facilities

Delivering Exceptional Results

By choosing AROM Associates, clients gain a partner dedicated to navigating the complexities of
traffic engineering with precision, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

− Traffic Impact Assessment Studies
− Microscopic Modelling and Simulation
− Traffic Management and Control Strategy Design
− Traffic Signal Warrant Study
− Capacity and Level of Service Analysis
− Traffic Safety Design and Audits
− Movement Provision and Regime Study
− Corridor Progression Studies
− Network Coordination and Synchronization
− Cooperative Traffic Signal Control Design
− Traffic Spill-back Management
− Congestion Minimization

No. of TIAs.

Landuse of Facilities.

Mix Landuse

Global Services

We have worked on projects accross Globe:
− Australia
− Saudi Arabia
− New Zealand
− Pakistan

Let AROM Associates be your partner in solving the complexities. Contact us now to embark on
a journey towards efficient and innovative solutions.

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