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Surveying and Data Collection Services

Surveying and Data Collection Services

Recognizing the principle of “garbage in, garbage out,” AROM Associates prioritizes accurate and meticulous data collection, the cornerstone of successful project development, planning, and
proposals. We leverage custom-built web pages, Android apps, and tailored forms for efficient and consistent data capture.

Our expert reporting and analysis utilize advanced software like SPSS and R-Language to unlock actionable insights and drive effective solutions. From robust statistical analysis with SPSS to
flexible graphical representation with R-Language, we handle diverse data requirements with ease. Additionally, our streamlined data gathering through Google Forms and custom apps ensures you receive the most relevant and actionable insights.

Experience in Surveying and Data Collection Services

At AROM Associates, we bridge the gap between vision and reality with data-driven insights
that power informed infrastructure decisions. Since 2015, we’ve delivered impactful solutions
across Pakistan, from nationwide traffic count surveys to in-depth feasibility studies.

2023: Chishtian-Chichawatni Railway Line - Paving the Way for Connectivity

We played a vital role in evaluating the feasibility of a new railway line connecting key cities.
Our comprehensive data collection included:
Manual Classified Traffic Counts: Quantifying existing traffic volume and
Origin-Destination Surveys: Tracking passenger and freight travel patterns for informed
route planning.
Transport Profile Surveys: Assessing current transportation modes and preferences for
a new railway line.
Household and Travel Surveys: Capturing residents’ travel needs and potential
ridership in six key cities.

Our data-driven approach provided valuable insights, paving the way for informed decisionmaking on this impactful project.

2022: Expressway Project - Supporting Sustainable Development

As a trusted partner of TEPA, LDA, we conducted:

Traffic Count Surveys: Accurately measuring traffic patterns to inform expressway
design and impact assessment.
Willingness-to-Pay Surveys: Gauging public sentiment and potential economic
feasibility of the project.

Our data helped ensure the expressway aligns with both community needs and long-term
sustainability goals.

Nationwide Reach: 2015-Present

With extensive experience conducting traffic count surveys at over 300 locations across Pakistan,
we possess a deep understanding of national traffic patterns and trends. This expertise informs
strategic transportation planning initiatives, ensuring infrastructure development meets evolving

Delivering Exceptional Results

Make smarter decisions with AROM Associates’ data expertise. We unlock the value of your
information, providing customized solutions that drive your project forward. Focus on what
matters most while AROM Associates handles your data. Our precise analysis and customized
solutions give you the clarity and direction you need to achieve your project objectives:

− Origin-Destination Studies (OD Surveys)
− Travel Time and Speed Studies
− Traffic Volume Counts
− Vehicle Classification Surveys
− Parking Occupancy Surveys
− Public Transit Ridership Surveys
− Attitudinal Surveys (e.g., driver preferences, willingness to pay)
− Automated Data Collection (e.g., loop detectors, cameras)
− Land Use Inventories
− Demographic Surveys
− Housing Surveys
− Economic Activity Surveys
− Public Opinion Surveys (e.g., community needs, preferences)
− Street Audits and Observations
− Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis

Global Services

We have worked on projects accross Globe:
− Australia
− Saudi Arabia
− New Zealand
− Pakistan

Let AROM Associates be your partner in solving the complexities. Contact us now to embark on
a journey towards efficient and innovative solutions.

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