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Environmental Engineering & Services

Environmental Engineering & Services

In the field of Environmental Engineering & Studies, AROM Associates is committed to fostering a sustainable future through innovative and responsible engineering practices. Our team applies a comprehensive approach to environmental challenges, focusing on solutions that balance development needs with ecological sustainability.

We integrate the latest scientific advancements and ethical considerations to ensure our projects not only comply with environmental regulations but also contribute positively to the natural world.

Extensive Experience in Environment Sciences and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies

Our expertise in environmental engineering spans a wide range of infrastructure projects, including
conducting Environment Impact Assessments (EIAs) for diverse land-use projects:

− EIA of Housing Areas and Facilities for Apartment Buildings
− EIA of Office Buildings, Mixed Land-use Buildings, and Commercial Buildings
− EIA of Hospitals, Medical Facilities
− EIA of Educational Facilities (Universities, Colleges, Training Institutes)
− EIA of Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Workshops, Industrial Buildings
− EIA of Showrooms, Warehouses, Fuel Pump Stations
− EIA of Marquees (Event Complexes), and Sports Facilities
− Assessment of a Green Building Rating System in Saudi Arabia.

Delivering Exceptional Results

At AROM Associates, our dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable engineering
is a testament to our belief in creating a better world for future generations and offering additional
services such as environmental feasibility studies, air quality assessments, and noise pollution

− Environmental Studies
− Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
− Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
− Environmental Tests

Global Services

We have worked on projects accross Globe:
− Australia
− Saudi Arabia
− New Zealand
− Pakistan

Let AROM Associates be your partner in solving the complexities. Contact us now to embark on
a journey towards efficient and innovative solutions.

Depending on the role of the client in the implementation of a project, Arom Associates can act as an owner’s engineer for the client, a contractor’s engineer for a construction company, or a lender’s engineer for investors and/or banks.

Arom Associates will render the following services to satisfy the unique needs of clients throughout the lifecycle of a project:

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