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Construction Management

Construction Management

At AROM Associates, our approach to Construction Management is characterized by meticulous planning and cutting-edge technology, ensuring the seamless transition of designs into tangible structures. We utilize Primavera for comprehensive project scheduling and resource management, ensuring each construction phase is executed with precision and efficiency. Our expertise in Primavera are crucial for accurate construction planning and execution.

Additionally, our proficiency with Plan Swift and Bluebeam Revu enhances our capabilities in digital estimating, takeoff, and document management, streamlining the construction process. Trust in AROM Associates for construction management services that embody efficiency, precision, and technological sophistication.

Experience in Construction Management

Our Construction Management & Services ensure timely an accurate completion and monitoring
of your projects. We have worked on following projects:

− Construction Estimating Services for Schneider Group Australia
− Construction Estimating Services for Al-Huda Estate Corporation Pakistan
− Construction of three (03) Water Filtration Plants in Punjab Pakistan

Delivering Exceptional Results

At AROM Associates, our dedication to sustainable engineering, planning and management is a
testament to our belief in creating a better world for future generations.

− Construction Drawings & Plans
− Cost Estimation
− Survey & Setting Out
− Inspection of Works & Materials
− Quality Control at Site
− Project Planning & Scheduling
− Progress Monitoring & Cost Analysis
− Contract Administration & Client Coordination
− Review of As-Built Drawings & Specification Conformity
− Health & Safety Compliance
− Environmental Monitoring
− Work Measurement & Payment Certification
− Project Documentation
− Residential, Dwelling Units and Apartments
− Pipelines and Utilities
− Roads and Transportation Infrastructure

Global Services

We have worked on projects accross Globe:
− Australia
− Saudi Arabia
− New Zealand
− Pakistan

Let AROM Associates be your partner in solving the complexities. Contact us now to embark on
a journey towards efficient and innovative solutions.

Depending on the role of the client in the implementation of a project, Arom Associates can act as an owner’s engineer for the client, a contractor’s engineer for a construction company, or a lender’s engineer for investors and/or banks.

Arom Associates will render the following services to satisfy the unique needs of clients throughout the lifecycle of a project:

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