Arom Associates

At AROM Associates, our Architectural & Geometric Design services are distinguished by a synthesis of innovative design principles and advanced technological tools. We skillfully employ
software like Autodesk’s Civil 3D and AutoCAD 2D to bring architectural visions to life,

ensuring each design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally robust. Our team’s expertise extends to intelligent utilization of ArcGIS for spatial planning and environmental compatibility, allowing us to create designs that harmonize with their surroundings.

Extensive Experience in Architectural & Geometric Design

With years of experience spanning diverse infrastructure projects, we offer a multifaceted approach. We’ve tackled a wide range of projects, including:

– With extensive experience in Firefighting and Civil Defence CAD Designing, we’ve tackled a diverse range of projects across various land-use buildings in Pakistan. From proposed office complexes and high-rise apartments to mixed-use structures incorporating shops, hotels, and restaurants, we have the expertise to ensure your project adheres to fire safety regulations and optimizes occupant safety. Our portfolio includes designing evacuation routes, sprinkler systems, and other critical safety features for hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, and more.
−Coastlands Car Park Design in New Zealand

Delivering Exceptional Results

Trust in AROM Associates to deliver architectural and geometric designs that are sustainable, innovative, and tailored to the unique needs of each project.

− Architectural design of Building Infrastructures
− Firefighting Systems and Civil Defence Design
− Interior design of Building Infrastructures
− Structural design
− Pavement Design (Flexible, Rigid etc.)
− Geometric Design of motorways, highways & roads
− Roadside Facilities & Safety Furniture
− Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Design
− Toll Plaza & Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Systems Design
− Urban Planning
− Landscaping
− Interior Design

Arom Associates Service Portfolio

Depending on the role of the client in the implementation of a project, Arom Associates can act as an owner’s engineer for the client, a contractor’s engineer for a construction company, or a lender’s engineer for investors and/or banks.

Arom Associates will render the following services to satisfy the unique needs of clients throughout the lifecycle of a project:

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